More sorting

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wow.  I can’t believe today is pretty much over.  This week is FLYING by.  Don’t weeks off always do that.

Paid bills this morning.  I don’t know why, but I always feel so much better after they are paid, even when there is not much money left.

Spent pretty much most of the morning FINALLY updating my iphone to the newest version.  I have been trying to do this FOR AGES.  It took about four hours, seriously.  I kept running into problems with the restoring portion.  I had to read a bunch of “help” pages giving me tips on how to do it and it finally worked.  Unfortunately it deleted all of my contacts so now I have to re-enter them.  That will take quite a while I’m sure.

The afternoon was spent doing more sorting in the office and Izzy’s room.

Kimm and I have decided that we might have a tag sale this spring so now we are dividing stuff up into groups–“tag sale” and “not tag sale.” 🙂

It’s slow going with this stuff.  I guess there are more memories attached and it is harder to let go of.  But we are doing it!  We will prevail.  I have to keep telling myself this.

Kimm watched a game tonight and me I watched some old school Brady Bunch.

Tomorrow–what do you think…MORE de-cluttering!!

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Now it gets messy

*postdated for Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring de-cluttering is a lot of work.

Especially once you get to the harder stuff.

Today we tackled the office and upstairs bathroom.

The upstairs bath wasn’t too bad–I didn’t have to get rid of anything since I cleaned out my side of the medicine cabinet a while back.  Kimm did a good job of tossing some old prescriptions and found a bunch of toothbrushes that we don’t like (and therefore won’t use).

But then there’s the office.

I knew it would be a lot more work than the other rooms.

I attacked the closet first.

Got rid of:

–a foot warmer/massager that I’ve never used

–pretty much all of my scrapbooking stuff (I haven’t scrapbooked in ages)

–a lot of my cross-stitch floss that looked old

–a bunch of office pens/paper

–a lot of old school stuff

–and I finally did it…I got rid of my thesis information–it was taking up a LARGE box in my closet that I’ve had with me since I moved to Massachusetts (over 10 years)–I’ll never finish it and every time I look at it I feel like such a failure.  I HATE feeling that way.  I wish I could have written it.  But maybe I just wasn’t able to at that time.  It was a lot of information and I just couldn’t condense it into a paper I could publish and defend.  It really makes me mad and sad all at the same time.  But I’m trying to focus on the positive things I’ve done since then–I took prerequisites to get into nursing school, got accepted into a great nursing school program, graduated nursing school, passed my boards and have been a nurse for almost four years now.  A GOOD nurse.  I know that I do the best I know and I’m always trying to be better.

Anyways, once I hit throwing away the thesis, I kind of got a little depressed.  So I didn’t do much more organizing for the day.  So there is more of the office to go through.  Ugh.

I’m not sure we’ll get to the basement this week.  I’ll be happy if I can finish with the office and Izzy’s room.

Best part of the day–watching a movie 🙂 (Salt, great movie if you haven’t seen it!)

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Spring De-cluttering: 1/2 Bath, Dining Room and Living Room

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another full day.

More stuff gone.

I’m pretty amazed at what we can get rid of 🙂

Half Bath:

–multiple old cleaning products that we don’t use anymore

–scented soaps that we love the scent but HATE how they dry out your hands

–two brushes we bought Izzy that don’t work well

–an extra broom

–a bunch of contact paper we were going to use and never did and now don’t want to use

Dining Room:

–a few old empty wine bottles that were nothing special

–a bunch of cookbooks that we don’t use and probably won’t (this one was tough for me because I LOVE cookbooks–BUT I have plenty left!!)

–a few old, clumpy candles

–some old Halloween candy (yup, we never ate it)

–lots of old phone books

Living Room:

–hmmm…not much…oh yeah, a mug that held flowers that Kimm’s parents got her after her surgery

–oh yeah, and we moved out a few candles and a bottle of decorative rocks to the front porch where they better matched the decor

The other big thing we did today was……RETURNING A GOOD AMOUNT OF OUR OLD CANS/BOTTLES.

Seriously, this was huge.

This has been on my “to do” list FOREVER.

We filled my car–trunk and back seat.  We made $21!  Which paid for some veggie grinders for dinner 🙂

Tomorrow we attack some of the upstairs rooms.  Can’t wait!!

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Spring De-cluttering: Kitchen

Monday, March 7, 2011

So what am I doing with my week off?

Instead of spring cleaning (which ALSO needs to get done)–we are spring de-cluttering.

Kimm and I are DETERMINED to make a huge dent in ridding our home of stuff we don’t need.

We started with the kitchen.

And we got rid of a lot of things:

–a bread maker I’ve used only a few times

–a griddle that is always hidden so we forget about but when we did use was difficult to clean

–multiple utensils (old wooden spoons and spatulas)

–nasty looking cookie sheets

–pans we rarely used

–a kitchen scale I don’t think I EVER used

–some expired food and food that we didn’t know we had and would probably never eat

–and MUCH MORE that I can’t even think of


Tomorrow we aim for the remainder of the first level since the rooms are less intense (half bath, dining room, and living room).

We’re off to Kimm’s parents tonight for a movie and cake (to celebrate birthdays–mine, Kimm’s and her dad’s).  Better late than never 🙂

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First Code

**postdated for Sunday, March 6, 2011

Last night I got to see my first code.

Unfortunately, the outcome was not good.  The patient died.  But he was old (90 years old) and had lived a long life.  But it’s still sad to see someone die.

Even though I was not actively involved in the code (because it was on a different floor and one ICU nurse has to come and there was plenty of help) I was glad to be there to see how it was run.

I have to say it was pretty chaotic!  The ER doc ran the code but there were SO MANY PEOPLE in the room.  It just felt smothering.

Now I don’t feel as nervous if there is another code.

I also was able to go on a CERT call (certified emergency response team)–a newly admitted woman went into CHF (congestive heart failure) and was having difficulty breathing…I was able to make suggestions to the doctor and the woman ended up being okay.

Again…a good feeling knowing that you can help.

And now I feel GREAT–a whole week off!!

Kimm and I started the week off right by watching The Bucket List.  I forgot what a tear-jerker that was.

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Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t

**postdated for Saturday March 5, 2011

SOMETIMES I hate my job (feeling incompetent, like I have too much to do and not enough time, not feeling appreciated).

And SOMETIMES it’s not bad…I actually enjoy it.

Last night I had a good night and came home tired, but satisfied.

I worked with a patient that had something new to me (a temporary pacemaker) and so even though I was scared, I got through it and I learned about something new.  Always a good feeling.


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Food Shopping

**postdated for Friday, March 4, 2011

Does anyone else love food shopping as much as me?

Of course I would love it even more if I could buy whatever I wanted and not have to think about price!

But sticking to a budget is quite fun in a challenging kind of way.

In fact, last month we were OVER $100 UNDER BUDGET!!!!  WOW.

So we have big hopes this month to repeat the deed.

One of my goals is to eat through a lot of the stuff we have in our cupboards.

Today we made our first trip of the month to Price Rite (reduced prices, especially on produce) and to Stop and Shop.  We spent $65 at Price Rite and about $30 at Stop and Shop.  So $100 practically in the first week!  So now hopefully just another $100 in quick trips to tide us over for the remainder of the month.

Going in for two days and then I have another week off 🙂

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Tar-get Love

**postdated for Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somehow I got behind on my blogging posts by FOUR days!  (yes Mom I’m still okay!)

Nothing too exciting happened, let me assure you 🙂

Thursday we made a trip out to Target.  Dangerous store.  Although we happened to escape spending less than $150.  Score.  Why is it that we love that store so much and it makes us want to spend money we don’t have??  WHY??

Stuff I bought: a new watch ($14.99), a new desktop filing system that will hopefully help cure me of my clutter (approx. $18 all together), more cologne (finally, I’ve been stealing Kimm’s for a while now!–I think it was about $25, Curve for Men if you are interested…LOVE it).

For the house: four pillows for the couch (2/$10!) and two photo frames ($5 each).

The rest was all necessities.  Boring.

It seems like we might have done more that day, but that’s all I’m recalling.

Oh no.  I DO remember now.

While Kimm watched her game, I FINALLY finished the last book of the Hunger Games series.  Let me say, it was a STRUGGLE to get through it.  If I had to rate, on a scale of 1-5 (1=really dislike, 5 = really like) this is how I would rate the three books:  5, 3, 1.  I think she should have stopped with The Hunger Games, IMHO (in my humble opinion!!).


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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It was a windy, gusty day.  At one point it was actually snowing sideways!  Even right now, my hands are frozen and I can hear the wind whipping against the house.

Regardless, Kimm and I were out and about.  A trip to the vet to pick up all the medicine–about $150 (darn Frontline for being so expensive).

Then to the liquor store to replenish our drinks–another $40 (good thing it lasts at least a month or more).

And finally to Barnes and Noble…just to browse.

We picked up veggie grinders for dinner and they were GOOD.

The plan is to watch The Social Network tonight (just got it in from Netflix).  Hopefully it’s as good as everyone said!

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March already?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wow.  The year is really flying by.  Can’t believe it is March already.

Some disappointing news for Kimm yesterday.  We went to her follow-up appointment for the carpal tunnel.  The stitches were removed and she was hoping that the next surgery could be set up.  However, the doctor doesn’t want to do it until she gets checked over by her primary care because she had such a high heart rate during the surgery.

So who knows when it will happen now.

But I made it through my shift with only four hours sleep.  I was a bit nervous.  But I hydrated well and I was busy so I think that’s what saved me.

Oh yeah, and if I see more rain, I won’t be smiling.  It rained ALL DAY yesterday.

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