Dry, itchy throat

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My throat went from being EXTREMELY sore, to just darn dry and itchy…not much better.

But at least I did not feel achy at all today…improvement!

I’m hoping within the next few days I’ll begin to feel 100% again.

Today is the last day of the month.  The year is 1/3 over.

The crocus outside our door bloomed a few days ago and we are due for snow tomorrow.

When will this winter end???


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SORE throat

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well, the sore throat got worse overnight.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a sore throat that I forgot how horrible they can be.

Not to mention I’ve been feeling achy all day.  Difficult to sleep.  In fact, we both couldn’t sleep so we were up by 6 am!

WOW.  Crazy.

I really didn’t feel like doing anything today, but I did have my follow-up for my orthotics.  So that meant that I had to get showered and drive to Northampton.  My skin and hair felt sore in the shower–HATE that feeling.  And I felt in a fog the entire drive, even though it was GORGEOUS out!  I wish I could have enjoyed it more.

I felt like my foot doctor was mad at me.  First of all, I had to admit that I wasn’t doing the stretching exercises that she recommended (I keep forgetting!) and when she measured the angle of my foot bending back, it had gotten WORSE!  And then she asked me if I had gotten my shoes stretched (because of my bunion) and I said no, she seemed to get mad…until I explained to her that I stopped wearing my tight shoes and now only wear shoes that provide room for the bunion.  And then when I mentioned I wear flip-flops in the summer, boy you should have seen the eye-rolling!  I think she needs some lessons in bed-side manner!  I guess I will be trying to find some kind of sandal for this summer that my orthotics can fit into.  I don’t think she realizes HOW TOUGH it is to find shoes that fit my feet (my feet are BIG!!).  Mean foot doctor.

Oh well, at least that is over.

Back home and I climbed back into my comfy clothes and immediately took a nap on the couch.

In fact I took several more naps throughout the day.

I really hope I feel better tomorrow.

I hate it that my days off are being wasted by me being sick!!!!!

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Tired, tired, tired…

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

After two nights on, and sleeping all day, I’m STILL tired.

I don’t know why I always think I won’t be tired that first night off.

Quality time on the couch with my Izzy bear and Kimm.  Then back to bed.

I THINK I may be getting the start of a sore throat…fingers crossed that this is not the case.

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