Now it gets messy

*postdated for Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring de-cluttering is a lot of work.

Especially once you get to the harder stuff.

Today we tackled the office and upstairs bathroom.

The upstairs bath wasn’t too bad–I didn’t have to get rid of anything since I cleaned out my side of the medicine cabinet a while back.  Kimm did a good job of tossing some old prescriptions and found a bunch of toothbrushes that we don’t like (and therefore won’t use).

But then there’s the office.

I knew it would be a lot more work than the other rooms.

I attacked the closet first.

Got rid of:

–a foot warmer/massager that I’ve never used

–pretty much all of my scrapbooking stuff (I haven’t scrapbooked in ages)

–a lot of my cross-stitch floss that looked old

–a bunch of office pens/paper

–a lot of old school stuff

–and I finally did it…I got rid of my thesis information–it was taking up a LARGE box in my closet that I’ve had with me since I moved to Massachusetts (over 10 years)–I’ll never finish it and every time I look at it I feel like such a failure.  I HATE feeling that way.  I wish I could have written it.  But maybe I just wasn’t able to at that time.  It was a lot of information and I just couldn’t condense it into a paper I could publish and defend.  It really makes me mad and sad all at the same time.  But I’m trying to focus on the positive things I’ve done since then–I took prerequisites to get into nursing school, got accepted into a great nursing school program, graduated nursing school, passed my boards and have been a nurse for almost four years now.  A GOOD nurse.  I know that I do the best I know and I’m always trying to be better.

Anyways, once I hit throwing away the thesis, I kind of got a little depressed.  So I didn’t do much more organizing for the day.  So there is more of the office to go through.  Ugh.

I’m not sure we’ll get to the basement this week.  I’ll be happy if I can finish with the office and Izzy’s room.

Best part of the day–watching a movie 🙂 (Salt, great movie if you haven’t seen it!)

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