Spring De-cluttering: 1/2 Bath, Dining Room and Living Room

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another full day.

More stuff gone.

I’m pretty amazed at what we can get rid of 🙂

Half Bath:

–multiple old cleaning products that we don’t use anymore

–scented soaps that we love the scent but HATE how they dry out your hands

–two brushes we bought Izzy that don’t work well

–an extra broom

–a bunch of contact paper we were going to use and never did and now don’t want to use

Dining Room:

–a few old empty wine bottles that were nothing special

–a bunch of cookbooks that we don’t use and probably won’t (this one was tough for me because I LOVE cookbooks–BUT I have plenty left!!)

–a few old, clumpy candles

–some old Halloween candy (yup, we never ate it)

–lots of old phone books

Living Room:

–hmmm…not much…oh yeah, a mug that held flowers that Kimm’s parents got her after her surgery

–oh yeah, and we moved out a few candles and a bottle of decorative rocks to the front porch where they better matched the decor

The other big thing we did today was……RETURNING A GOOD AMOUNT OF OUR OLD CANS/BOTTLES.

Seriously, this was huge.

This has been on my “to do” list FOREVER.

We filled my car–trunk and back seat.  We made $21!  Which paid for some veggie grinders for dinner 🙂

Tomorrow we attack some of the upstairs rooms.  Can’t wait!!

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Spring De-cluttering: Kitchen

Monday, March 7, 2011

So what am I doing with my week off?

Instead of spring cleaning (which ALSO needs to get done)–we are spring de-cluttering.

Kimm and I are DETERMINED to make a huge dent in ridding our home of stuff we don’t need.

We started with the kitchen.

And we got rid of a lot of things:

–a bread maker I’ve used only a few times

–a griddle that is always hidden so we forget about but when we did use was difficult to clean

–multiple utensils (old wooden spoons and spatulas)

–nasty looking cookie sheets

–pans we rarely used

–a kitchen scale I don’t think I EVER used

–some expired food and food that we didn’t know we had and would probably never eat

–and MUCH MORE that I can’t even think of


Tomorrow we aim for the remainder of the first level since the rooms are less intense (half bath, dining room, and living room).

We’re off to Kimm’s parents tonight for a movie and cake (to celebrate birthdays–mine, Kimm’s and her dad’s).  Better late than never 🙂

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