Tar-get Love

**postdated for Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somehow I got behind on my blogging posts by FOUR days!  (yes Mom I’m still okay!)

Nothing too exciting happened, let me assure you 🙂

Thursday we made a trip out to Target.  Dangerous store.  Although we happened to escape spending less than $150.  Score.  Why is it that we love that store so much and it makes us want to spend money we don’t have??  WHY??

Stuff I bought: a new watch ($14.99), a new desktop filing system that will hopefully help cure me of my clutter (approx. $18 all together), more cologne (finally, I’ve been stealing Kimm’s for a while now!–I think it was about $25, Curve for Men if you are interested…LOVE it).

For the house: four pillows for the couch (2/$10!) and two photo frames ($5 each).

The rest was all necessities.  Boring.

It seems like we might have done more that day, but that’s all I’m recalling.

Oh no.  I DO remember now.

While Kimm watched her game, I FINALLY finished the last book of the Hunger Games series.  Let me say, it was a STRUGGLE to get through it.  If I had to rate, on a scale of 1-5 (1=really dislike, 5 = really like) this is how I would rate the three books:  5, 3, 1.  I think she should have stopped with The Hunger Games, IMHO (in my humble opinion!!).


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