Food Shopping

**postdated for Friday, March 4, 2011

Does anyone else love food shopping as much as me?

Of course I would love it even more if I could buy whatever I wanted and not have to think about price!

But sticking to a budget is quite fun in a challenging kind of way.

In fact, last month we were OVER $100 UNDER BUDGET!!!!  WOW.

So we have big hopes this month to repeat the deed.

One of my goals is to eat through a lot of the stuff we have in our cupboards.

Today we made our first trip of the month to Price Rite (reduced prices, especially on produce) and to Stop and Shop.  We spent $65 at Price Rite and about $30 at Stop and Shop.  So $100 practically in the first week!  So now hopefully just another $100 in quick trips to tide us over for the remainder of the month.

Going in for two days and then I have another week off 🙂

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Tar-get Love

**postdated for Thursday, March 3, 2011

Somehow I got behind on my blogging posts by FOUR days!  (yes Mom I’m still okay!)

Nothing too exciting happened, let me assure you 🙂

Thursday we made a trip out to Target.  Dangerous store.  Although we happened to escape spending less than $150.  Score.  Why is it that we love that store so much and it makes us want to spend money we don’t have??  WHY??

Stuff I bought: a new watch ($14.99), a new desktop filing system that will hopefully help cure me of my clutter (approx. $18 all together), more cologne (finally, I’ve been stealing Kimm’s for a while now!–I think it was about $25, Curve for Men if you are interested…LOVE it).

For the house: four pillows for the couch (2/$10!) and two photo frames ($5 each).

The rest was all necessities.  Boring.

It seems like we might have done more that day, but that’s all I’m recalling.

Oh no.  I DO remember now.

While Kimm watched her game, I FINALLY finished the last book of the Hunger Games series.  Let me say, it was a STRUGGLE to get through it.  If I had to rate, on a scale of 1-5 (1=really dislike, 5 = really like) this is how I would rate the three books:  5, 3, 1.  I think she should have stopped with The Hunger Games, IMHO (in my humble opinion!!).


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