Enter the Castle of Gloom and Doom…

Friday, February 25, 2011

That’s right.

We’re getting another hit from Mother Nature.

This morning was rain, rain and more rain.  My boots were soaked through with all the rain.  I guess they aren’t waterproof!

Then it started to snow.  Big, fat, wet flakes.  Lots of them.  And of course we didn’t go out and do our errands earlier because of the rain, so we were forced to go out in the snow.

Which turned to slush and then ice as the temps dropped.

It really wasn’t much fun.

I guess that will teach us to procrastinate!

But we HAD to go out.

We had NO dishwasher soap–and a pile of dishes.  And Kimm had no Breath-Rite strips left and she doesn’t like to sleep without them or else she gets wicked stuffed up.  Not to mention my library books were due and had already been renewed once and if I dropped them off tomorrow I would have owed a fine.

How do we get ourselves into these messes???

But now we are home.  Dishes are done!  Showers are taken.  And we shall commence to relax for the rest of the evening in our castle of doom and gloom while the wind whips outside.

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