Thursday, February 24, 2011

It was supposed to be nice outside today, but it was just gray.

I miss yesterdays sun!

Another relaxing day in.

We made it through another season of ER.  Just saw Dr. Romano’s arm cut off by a helicopter blade.  Pretty nasty.  Not sure how I’m liking the show as the seasons go on.  I still like it enough to watch it, but I just don’t think I like it as much as I did in the earlier seasons.

My mom called earlier to let me know that my Grandma made it through her knee surgery okay.  That makes me very happy.  I’m going to give her a call to catch up on all the details.

Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and sunny!!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A fun game since I ran out of time to post yesterday…saw this on a blog I read and thought it would be interesting…

A: Age–38!  Wow.  How did I get so old?

B: Bed size–Queen

C: Chore you hate–cleaning the bathrooms…ugh

D: Dogs–one, the lovable Izzy-bear!

E: Essential to start your day?–coffee, English muffin and reading blogs

F:  Favorite color?–hmmmm…I like neutrals, but probably navy blue

G: Gold or silver–definitely silver…not a fan of gold really

H:  Height–5′ 6”

I:  Instruments you play–clarinet…a long time ago

J: Job title–Registered nurse

K:  Kids–none

L: Live–Agawam, MA

M:  Mom’s name–Ervida

N:  Nicknames–Kaylee, Kayski (all from people at work)

O:  Overnight hospital stays:  NONE!

P:  Pet peeve–laziness at work and when people are quick to tell you when you do something wrong, but never when you do something great

Q:  Quote from a movie–“There’s no crying in baseball”  (from A League of Their Own–the only one I can think of now!)

R: Righty or lefty–Righty

S:  Siblings–one brother

T:  Time you get up–usually late, 9-10 am

U: Underwear–I try to avoid anything too tight!

V: Vegetables you dislike–pumpkin, beets

W: What makes you run late–trying to do too much in too little amount of time

X:  X-rays you’ve had–NONE!

Y:  Yummy food you make–pizza, popcorn, taco soup, potato soup, vegetable lasagna

Z: Zoo animal favorite–hmmm…haven’t been to a zoo in a while but I’m going to say monkeys

That’s it.  Now you know a little bit more about me.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful.

Izzy did get a walk finally!!  It was gorgeous out–sunny, breezy, mild weather.



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