My eyes are burning…

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well, I made it through another night,  but I’m getting a little tired.

My eyes don’t want to stay open.

What is wrong with them 🙂

Seriously though, my trick of just saying, “only one more night” every night I go in worked.   Psychologically it was much easier to deal with than thinking four long nights.  And tonight I can TRULY say “one more night!!”

So yesterday our shed roof caved in!

So I guess we can get rid of that.  Good thing there was nothing in there.

And it was extremely cold and windy.  That tease of spring is a distant memory.

And we are due for 2-4 inches of snow coming up.  Ugh.

Winter, I dislike you.

Off I go to prepare dinner and psych myself up for another night.


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