A LONG Day at the Hospital!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, today was Kimm’s first carpal tunnel surgery for her left hand.

We THOUGHT it was going to be quick and easy.


It seemed like everything that could go wrong, did.

It all started out okay…we were up by 9:25 am, we both took showers,I ate something quick, Izzy was fed and taken out and we were on the road by 10:45, right on time to get to the hospital at 11:15.

She was scheduled to go for surgery at 12:40.

Well, at about 11:30 we were told that the doctor was running AT LEAST an hour behind.  There were two cases prior to Kimm and the first one was not even done at that time and the second case was going to take at least an hour.

Needless to say, Kimm was NOT happy.  Especially considering that she was really thirsty and hadn’t eaten anything since after midnight.  I convinced the nurse to give her a sip of water–she wasn’t too happy about it, but she complied 🙂

Finally at 12:45, when Kimm was supposed to actually be in surgery, she was brought back to the pre-op room.  She got changed, and they took her vitals (of course her blood pressure and pulse were high!)   Her IV was started (first time, thank goodness) and finally at 1:15 pm the nurse who was going into the room with her came to check on paperwork (a nurse I used to work with on med-surg!)  Then the doctor came to mark the hand to be done and the anesthesiologist came to discuss what would be done for the meds for conscious sedation (versed, fentanyl, and propofol).  I expressed a little concern since I knew that versed is in the same med class as Ativan (which Kimm had gotten in the past and gone a little bonkers with–instead of calming her down, it made her more restless and even combative).  He listened to what I said, but then said he was still going to use it because it wasn’t like she had a more serious reaction.  All I have to say is, “famous last words!”

Kimm left for surgery at 2 pm.  At 3:30 pm I see the doctor come out and she motions me over.  Turns out that the conscious sedation did not work because Kimm kept moving all around on the table.  So they had to give her general anesthesia–she was intubated and all. After that, the surgery was able to proceed with no complications.

After hearing that I called Kimm’s mom just to let her know and then I decided to leave and come home and feed the animals while Kimm slept the anesthesia off.  It took my an hour to leave and get back.  A total of 8 minutes were spent at the house–the rest of the time was driving!

After I got back I just waited.  Finally a nurse came out and asked me if I had Kimm’s lip ring because she was asking about it (they had to take the spacer out to do the intubation). So I gave her the ring and asked if I could see her.  I was brought back and there she was!  First things first–they were able to get the lip ring back in–THANK GOODNESS!!

She was having a bit of pain at the incision site and had to get some extra pain medication.  Unfortunately, all the medication (and probably the anesthesia) was making her light-headed, dizzy, and nauseous.  Thankfully she was also sleepy.  So she slept for a while.  And I waited.

We finally got to leave about 7:45 pm and got home about 8 pm.  Into the house and on the couch.

Recuperating is now in session.

I immediately fixed myself something to eat since I didn’t eat all day–cheesy pasta and an English muffin.  Food never tasted SO GOOD!!!

After I ate we got all of Kimm’s earrings back in–that was QUITE the chore!

And now she’s watching TV while I play around on the computer.

Soon I’ll be in bed because I need to get up early and go get my crown done tomorrow.  I will be glad when that is over!

So, that was the story of Kimm’s “should have been a short surgery, but turned into a long surgery” day at the hospital.  So now I’m thinking that when she gets the next one done, they probably won’t even try the conscious sedation, but will go right to the general anesthesia.  We shall see.

I’m just glad that we are home, and Kimm got through this okay.  I’ll worry about the next one when it happens.


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