A Crown

Thursday, February 17, 2011

After a long day yesterday with Kimm at the hospital, today it was up and at em’ early for me because today was my day…getting my crown.

I was pretty nervous…not for the actual procedure, but just for the shot of Novocaine.   I HATE those needles they put in your gum!

So I arrived at 10 am and by 10:05 I was in the chair, getting the local anesthetic.  And as I suspected, when she was doing the Novocaine injection I DID NOT LIKE IT.

But once I started getting numb, then all was better.

The whole procedure only took two hours.  The tooth was prepped (by drilling out the old filling) and then pictures were taken and uploaded to the computer where they were used to digitally build a new tooth.  It was SO COOL.  My dentist let me watch the whole thing…the picture was red where the tooth was too high (where there would be too much contact with another tooth) and blue when it was just right.  The machine to mill out the tooth was right in the office and only took 10 minutes.  The tooth came out lavender and then was put in/out of my mouth multiple times while the dentist made tiny adjustments.  When it was ready to go, then it was put in another machine to get the coloring right.  Once cooled down it was checked one last time before being cemented in place.  And that was it!  I really could not tell just by looking at my teeth which tooth had the crown.  The only way I could tell was by how smooth it felt on top.

I did eat on that side for lunch but I was still a bit nervous about it.  I haven’t eaten on that side for so long.  My jaw and gums are a little sore right now but she said that was to be expected–should be gone by tomorrow.  I still feel a bit of sensitivity, but hopefully that will go away as well.  If I still experience difficulty chewing on that side my dentist said I may need a crown on the top as well.  I’m hoping that is NOT the case.

The rest of the day was spent doing various things…getting Kimm’s piercing balls back on (no charge–the girl was super sweet!), getting groceries, doing dishes, sweeping, refilling the cat’s food containers, cleaning the litter box…basically I just was trying to do everything I could to help make things easier for us both over the next few days.  I was scheduled to work this weekend–Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (I guess it is a holiday–President’s Day?).  But while I was at the dentist the hospital called.  I guess they are on internal disaster because they are so short of nurses working this weekend.  They asked me to work Monday which I said “no” (I have plans and I’ll have already worked three 12 hour shifts).  But then my supervisor called and asked me to come in tonight and that it would be from 11-7, but I would get paid as if I was working 7p-7a AND they were offering a bonus on top of that–literally unheard of!  So I said “yes” but of course now I am tired and am regretting that decision.  I guess I’ll just push through and be happy when I see my paycheck 🙂

Kimm did not sleep well yesterday night–basically she listened to music for 5 hours straight!  I don’t know if it was the versed or what, but hopefully she will sleep better tonight.

On a bright note…our real estate agent stopped by with flowers for Kimm (he is SO nice!) and Kimm’s parents also stopped by for a quick visit and had some flowers as well.

They really cheered her up!

And the weather was GORGEOUS today…in the 50s!!  Everything was melting and it’s making me have SPRING FEVER!!!

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