Week in WI: Recap

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been a WHOLE week since I’ve blogged.  I was on a blogging vacation as well as my own vacation to Wisconsin to visit my parents.

And you know what?

It was nice 🙂

I actually enjoyed the time away from the computer.  Although now I feel like I have lots to catch up on!

Since my memory is getting HORRENDOUS, and I love looking back on my blog to remember what happened in my life, I will highlight the highlights of each day…

Sunday, February 6th

Ugh.  After working two days in a row, I came home Sunday morning and CRASHED in bed.  I had to sleep fast because I had to get up so early to finish packing, take a shower and get ready to leave.  I was in bed by 9 am but it was more like 9:30 before I fell asleep.  And I was up by 1:15!  So not much sleep.  When I woke up my eyes were BURNING!!  But into the shower I went and after that I started feeling a bit better.  The packing went pretty well… I think I’m getting better at bringing LESS which makes it much easier.  After packing I made a pizza for Kimm and I and we were able to relax while we ate.  Then it was off to the airport.  I arrived at the designated 2 hour before flight time and before I knew it I was through security (no scanner in use yet).  On the plane, some zzzz’s for me and then I was in WI at 7:30 pm.  After a quick walk from the plane, I was giving my parents a hug!  That was really nice.  I miss seeing them more than once a year.  My mom looked AWESOME…she lost a bunch of weight and just looked so nice.  They had come to the airport early to watch the first part of the Superbowl (Packers vs. Stealers).  They were glued to the radio the entire way home waiting to see if their beloved Packers would win…THEY DID! (31-25)   Arrived home, ate, and then to bed.  I was EXHAUSTED!!

Monday, February 7th

I was up early…7:40 am.  I was able to go with my parents for their daily walk.  It was nice.  During the rest of the morning we just kind of relaxed…my mom made a cake for my dad to take to his Dartball game, we made out a menu of what we were going to eat for the week, and we read/watched TV.  Lunch was a fave…grilled cheese and tomato soup!  After we ate Mom and I went shopping to look for some new jeans for her.  With her losing so much weight all of her pants were so BAGGY on her.  She had to try on a lot of jeans before we found some that looked good but I think it was worth it.  She looks so good!  Before we even left I had her try on my jeans and sweater and I couldn’t believe the transformation!!  We came back home and met up with Kurt and Eric (my 9-year-old nephew).  The thing that I absolutely love is that even though I only see Eric once a year, he is so not shy and came right up to me and gave me a hug and started talking 🙂   We went to The Chinese Buffet for dinner…I ate way too much dessert…I seem to recall several small pieces of cheesecake and 2 bowls of ice cream!  After dinner we watched a movie, “The Clan of the Cave Bear” (because I saw that book of mine in my room at home and started reminiscing how much I loved that book and Dad remembered he had that movie on DVD).  After the movie we played Scrabble–that was a lot of fun!!  I have to say that by playing Words with Friends my Scrabble skills have definitely improved!  And guess what…after that me and mom attacked some of her closet, going through and getting rid of stuff that was too big.  Within an hour we had gotten rid of three small garbage bags full!  My mom thought it wasn’t much fun but I was having a ball!

Tuesday, February 8th

Up at 8:40 am.  No walk today since the temp was 4 degrees, and with wind chill -15 degrees!  So instead, me and mom hit her closet again.  We went through A LOT of clothes.  My mom was trying on things left and right and I was the judge…”too big,” “doesn’t look good,” “too old.”  We took a break for lunch…French Toast!  Then we did MORE clothes!  We still weren’t done but we took a break and went to the grocery store.  That night we had veggie burgers and homemade mac and cheese.  Kurt came over for dinner too but he had regular hamburgers…no soy for him!  After dinner we relaxed…watched The Biggest Loser and played more Scrabble.

Wednesday, February 9th

Again no walk because it was too cold.  I got up, ate breakfast (my standard every day there–same as here–English muffin with 1/2 peanut butter, 1/2 jam).  Then I read The Clan of the Cave Bear.  It felt GLORIOUS to just sit and read.  I realized while I was at home that I haven’t really just taken time to sit and read.  Most of the time I read just before going to bed and that ends up being a chapter at most.  But while in WI I was able to read and read 🙂  Then I had to get ready because I was meeting Michele for lunch and a long visit before she had to go to work at 4 pm.  I was so happy that I was able to see Michele!!  She is pretty much the only friend I still hang out with from high school and she was my BEST friend from high school so that just makes it so much better.  The best part is, no matter how long we don’t talk, we can just fall back into a deep heart-to-heart conversation so quickly!  We went to a new restaurant in Sheboygan Falls called Bread and Bean Eatery.  I had a great meal–a “Roma” Panini–tomato, provolone cheese, spring mix, and pest mayo with a side of kettle chips/pickle, a Stewart’s Key Lime soda, and Turtle cheesecake…can we say YUMMMM!!  After sitting and chatting there for a while we headed to Starbucks and picked up White Chocolate Mocha coffees and continued talking at her house.  The time went by so quickly!  But I truly treasured it.  She dropped me off at home and Eric was over after school.  He finished off his homework and then him, me and my mom played a game of Skip-Bo before dinner.  Dinner was simple but good–spaghetti, salad and garlic bread with ice cream for dessert.  After Eric left to go home we watched a movie–Secretariat.  EXCELLENT. I really never knew the story behind that horse.  More Scrabble 🙂  Then bed…that night when I called home to say good night to Kimm I found out that she was pretty upset.  She had gone to her pre-op appointment at the hospital and they had pretty much said that she needed to take out ALL of her facial piercings and her earrings and she couldn’t quite understand why that was such a necessity, given that they also said, “if you can’t get your ring (on your hand) off, well that’s okay”–REALLY???  So the ring on the hand that you will be working on is okay, but the earrings and piercings on the FACE, nowhere near where the doctor will be, need to come out??  Needless to say, she was in quite a funk.

Thursday, February 10th

Wow…the time was going to fast!  On Thursday we had made plans to see my Grandma Mabel.  She is going to have surgery on her knee so she is having a lot of pain and difficulty moving around.  So instead of going out, we stayed in!  We picked up lunch (Burger King–they actually have a veggie burger!) and got there about 12:30.  I can’t believe she is in her 80s!  She looks pretty good and even better, her mental faculties are still sharp.  She was glad to see me and catch up.  We actually stayed for quite a bit–didn’t leave until after 5 pm.  Drove home and stopped for Taco Bell because my parents wanted to get to bell practice.  After they came home we watched another movie with Hilary Swank, based on a true story–“Conviction”–VERY GOOD.   Then to bed.

Friday, February 11th

My last day.  Wow.  It went by so fast.   During the morning I finished reading The Clan of the Cave Bear–almost 500 pages in a week…not bad.  Then we left to meet my Uncle Larry and Aunt Marilyn for lunch (we didn’t have to drive the full distance to Green Bay…we met half way).  It was a good visit.  Chatted for a couple of hours over lunch at Perkins (the pancakes were EXCELLENT!).  I was really glad that my brother came too.  When we got home about 3:30 we watched another movie…Dear John (based on the book by Nicholas Sparks).  After that we played our last game of Scrabble 😦  I really enjoyed it and will miss it.  Michele was able to come over after work for a last quick visit–we ordered pizza and had a peanut butter pie for dessert (that we had picked up at Perkins!).  After eating Michele and I looked through old yearbooks–boy did that bring back the memories!  Michele left a little after 10 pm and then we went right to bed because we needed to get up EARLY for my flight to MA in the morning.

Saturday, February 12th

Up at 4 am.  Double UGH.  I really hate early mornings!  But we did it…we all showered, I finished packing, and we left the house by 5 am.  An uneventful drive to Milwaukee and we arrived to the airport at 6:15 am.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 8 am so we were all able to have some breakfast together–Strombolis! (me and mom shared an egg, potato, and cheese and dad had a sausage, egg and cheese–I really liked it!).  I went through security by 7 am and it only took about 5-10 minutes…not too bad.  Again, no scanner in use.  My flight left at 8 am–I was able to sleep on/off on the plane and then before I knew it, I was back in MA.  Kimm and Izzy picked me up and we were home by 12:30.  We had homemade pizza for lunch–same meal as before I left!  After that it was nap time–I was able to sleep for a few hours 🙂  Then a shower to revitalize.  Unpacking.  Grocery shopping and getting gas for the car.  Laundry.  Catching up on reading blogs (that will take a while!).  Tomorrow it is back to work.  Even though I haven’t worked in a whole week, it still feels like I was just there!  I heard that while I was gone, one of our more experienced day shift nurses quit.   Wonder what they will do now.

Well.  That’s it folks.  I’m sure not many people (except you mom and dad!) have read through all of that.  But I’m glad I recapped this for my pitifully BAD memory.

So the best parts:

–SEEING my mom and dad and brother again…there’s nothing like seeing someone in person 🙂

–catching up with Michele–I miss having a close friend who lives nearby

–getting to see my Grandma, Uncle Larry and Aunt Marilyn

–playing Skip-bo with Eric

–playing Scrabble with my parents

I guess it’s true what they say–your best memories are the good times you spend with the people you love 🙂

I didn’t take too many pictures (what is wrong with me??) but here are my two favorites…

Mom in my clothes…doesn’t she look GREAT!!

Me and Michele 🙂

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