A Snowy Birthday for Kimm

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

6 inches worth of snow!

Happy Birthday Kimm 🙂

Instead of going out for Kimm’s birthday, we were homebodies.  Much more cozy with all the snow.

English muffins and coffee for breakfast, frozen pizza for lunch (which we used to love, but now are finding that we enjoy our homemade pizza better!), and Shepard’s Pie for dinner.  Our dinner meal was the best…a real home-cooked meal–hearty and delicious.

And ice cream cake for dessert!!

Smile pretty!

Makin’ a wish…

Vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate-fudge-cookie goodness 🙂

As far as the snow goes, we only had to shovel for a little over an hour.  Do not take this to mean that it was easy.  Our drifts are over our heads.  Our muscles are VERY sore right now…ibuprofen is our friend.

And we’re due for more snow tomorrow.  Anywhere from 6-10 inches.  Joy.

I can hardly wait.

Now we are off to snuggle on the couch watching The Constant Gardener and eating popcorn and probably having more ice cream cake.  At least tonight we can have fun!!

All the best to you this year Kimm!

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