Project: January

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I knew I wanted to get SOMETHING done this month in terms of organizing, and today I just did it.

CLOTHES.  That was this month’s “project.”

I went through ALL my clothes and got rid of anything I haven’t been wearing, or I don’t like how it looks on me, or I don’t feel wonderful in it, or doesn’t fit.  One LARGE bag of stuff gone.  Plus a bag of intimates that have seen better days!

Whew, that felt good.  Accomplished quite a bit in less than two hours.

I’m so proud of Kimm…she did the exact same thing and also got rid of a large bag of clothes.  Now all of her clothes fit in one closet, which is what she wanted.

Now we can actually buy new clothes that we love, and have room for them 🙂

Homemade pizza in the oven–getting ready to eat and watch an episode of ER before going into work.  Only one night!!!

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