Izzy Made a Friend

**postdated for Friday, January 28, 2011

Didn’t write yesterday because we were OUT!

We had plans to get together with Kimm’s cousin and his wife…and their dog baby, a lab/Burmese mix named Remy.

They said, “Bring Izzy along…Remy and her will be good friends!”

Well, we were a little nervous, but she came, and even though she was NOT happy at first (I think just nervous with another dog being so close to her and barking loudly), she eventually settled down and they even played 🙂

There were a few kinks…when we first got in the house and Remy was excited to see Izzy but Izzy was like “What is going on??” I said to Kimm…”you better take her outside…it looks like she has to take a poop!”–and sure enough…she took a poop!  Nerves??  Then later on in the night she peed all over their floor…thank goodness it was hardwood.  She had been drinking so much water because they were running around playing so much…and we never even thought to take her out since she is so regimented at home with when she goes out.  Oh well, live and learn.

I think the night may have been a little stressful for Izzy at first, but I’m glad that she had a little doggie socialization 🙂  Hopefully things will go even better next time!

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