So Glad Today is OVER!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The title of tonight’s blog says it all.

Most of today was not much fun at all.  But thankfully it ended better than it started.

First off…two inches of snow this morning.  And of course I had forgotten to take my shovel out of my car before I dropped it off at the mechanic.  So I ended up shoveling (Kimm’s hands are really bothering her with the carpal tunnel).  One hour of sweat.  It actually wasn’t too bad, just not what I wanted to do first thing in the morning.

After coffee and my English muffin, then we were waiting until the repairman came to check out the washer (scalding hot water is coming out on the Cold Cycle and cold water during the Hot Cycle, but not all the time).  Well he came by 1:15 (the window was from 12 to 5–since when have customer service windows gone to FIVE hours…they used to be TWO!).  Well, after looking at it for about five minutes (seriously), he said he had to order some parts, he wasn’t sure exactly what was wrong but had a hunch and would have to come back next week.  Super annoying.

Then since I hadn’t heard about my car, I gave a call.  Turns out my mechanic could not figure out what was wrong with my car, even though he said he could feel the car having a hard time going into second gear this time.  He said no codes showed up on the car (from the car’s computer, telling what is wrong).  So he suggested taking it to the Hyundai dealership to have them take a look.  So I called and got an appointment and guess what–hello $99 diagnostic fee!!  So Kimm was going to renew her driver’s license which is near the Hyundai dealer in Springfield.

Of course after I picked up my car it never had that problem that I had been experiencing…the WHOLE drive.  So frustrating.  But I told the person at Hyundai and they basically said that they could look at it, but they would charge the $99 and if nothing was happening at that time and I needed to bring it back, it would cost another $99 at that time.  So I just said I would drive it and monitor it again.

What a waste of time!  So then we were off to the DMV–but of course we are driving through downtown Springfield, which I DETEST.  Don’t know where I’m going and a lot of traffic and badly plowed roads.  But we got there, Kimm got her license and then we had to drive home.

We ordered pizza out since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and by the time I got home I was just SO GLAD to get home.

I really DISLIKE having to do all these stupid errands.  You should be able to renew your license online all the time, not just every five years.  I mean we do live in a computer age!!

Okay, enough venting.

The pizza was great, I got to watch a movie tonight (Slumdog Millionaire) tonight while Kimm watched her hockey game, and I also did some filing (another task I don’t like but am determined to get done).

Now it’s time for some ER and a snack and then bed.

Tomorrow has to be better.

But we have to get Kimm’s car inspected and we’re due for another big snowstorm.


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