Snow and Ice

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Well, we are hit again.  This winter is already much worse than last winter.

Today when I got out of work there was about 4 inches.  The snow was coming down so fast that by the time I got my car brushed off, it was already covered again.  I had to rush to get in the car and start driving, but my back window was covered with snow.  And it was a horrible drive home.  Very slippery, and it had started already with the freezing rain.

I was just glad to get home safe.

We haven’t shoveled yet.  It’s been freezing rain all day and our backyard looks like a pond.  They plowed the streets and never put down any sand or salt so now they are like a skating rink.  I saw several neighbors have difficulty moving their cars.

Our plan is to get up tomorrow and shovel then.  Not really looking forward to it since I know it will be wet and heavy.  I have to work tomorrow so I hope the roads will be okay.

And guess what?  More snow to come on Friday and a couple of days next week as well.

I’m DONE with winter!!

On a more positive note, I finally (after about a year!) called and talked to Jen.  Exciting news for her…she’s going to be buying a house in June!!

Now I’m off to relax a bit before bed and rest up for the workout tomorrow morning.

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