The Day Before

*postdated for Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello all!

I’m currently writing this at 12:17 pm on my birthday, but I’m postdating it for yesterday.  So technically it’s okay if I say, “only one more day until my birthday!” 🙂

The big task for today was simple…making my birthday cake!

And it’s made.

This year I went with something different…I had a craving for something sweet and somehow a strawberry cake entered my mind.  I will hold off on posting pictures until we cut into it.  And I’ll probably post the recipe at that point too.  Let’s just say that it looks yummy!  Love the pink color and the pureed strawberries that went into it were divine!  (I may have had a spoonful or two!)

The only other thing we did last night was watch The Town.  I was impressed.  I originally didn’t want to see the movie because I really didn’t think the preview was that great but after seeing it, I would highly recommend for anyone to see it.  Two thumbs up.  Ben Affleck was great in it.

It was nice just relaxing and snuggling on the cough with Izzy and Kimm.

I was still a bit sore from all that shoveling…nothing a bit of Ibuprofen couldn’t help.

And now IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!  I’ll post about everything tonight.

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