Two Appointments on 1/11/11

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only three days until my birthday 🙂

And two of them will be spent working so it will go by fast!

So today was one of those fun days where all the numbers in the date are the same…1/11/11.  Cool, huh?

Or not so much if you don’t care about that sort of thing!

Anyways, it was another busy day.  We seem to be having a lot of those lately.

First off, I had my semi-annual cleaning at the dentist today.  And I’ve made the decision to get the crown for my lower back molar.  Good news:  it’s going to be done in one appointment (they have new technology where they take pictures of your tooth and digitally size the new molar that is then milled in a machine on site that takes about ten minutes…the entire procedure is going to be about 2 hours).  Bad news:  expensive ($1200 approx and my insurance covers about $300 or so…thankfully I can apply for a 6 month interest free credit card to use for the balance through the office).  I’m also not so much looking forward to the procedure because I don’t really like Novocaine (HATE needles!).  But it’s got to be done, so it will get done.  I’ve scheduled it for mid-February.  Hopefully once it’s done I’ll be able to chew on that side again 🙂

The other big appointment today was for Kimm.  She met with a doctor to follow-up with her nerve test results.  And it looks like surgery is recommended.  So now we wait for the scheduler to call and give us possible dates.  The doctor thought it could be done in February.  She will get the right hand (dominant hand) done first and then wait probably about 6 weeks before doing the other one.  This is good news because hopefully the recovery will be done right in time for lawn mowing season.  These are the things my sweetie worries about 🙂

That’s it.

Now I’m getting ready for work and we’ll see what happens as far as the snowstorm.  They are still predicting upwards of 12 inches BUT I’m going to just wait and see.  I’ll deal with it as it comes.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Today we went out on errands before the snow (we’re expecting between 8-12 inches starting tomorrow–and of course I have to work!).

We hit the library and Target.

Target…very dangerous 🙂

Today we made our mark in the lamp section.  We got a new lamp base and shade for the living room and two lamps for the office.  Unfortunately we’ll have to return the shade we thought would be PERFECT for the living room–it’s too dark (a beige).  But we really like the office lamps…pictures to follow when the office is completely set up!

Today just FLEW by.

I’m heading to bed shortly as I have an early dentist appointment.  But first I’m going to have a taste of the Christmas candy that my parents sent to me 🙂

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