It feels like spring today!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It’s still hard to get in the habit of writing 2011, just like last year I remember it was hard to write 2010!

Anyways, today is absolutely beautiful…the ride home from work was sunny and the air is mild.  It is making me have spring fever 🙂

My new positive attitude at work last night really did help.  Even though there were several (okay MORE than several!) moments of uncertainty and frustration, I just tried to remain calm.   And I took my break and I think that really helped.  Not to mention I had my homemade vegetable soup which was super yummy.

But now I am SO ready for bed.  I just drank a cup of egg nog (still finishing that off from Christmas) and so my belly is full and I’m getting even more sleepy than I was when I drove home.

Hopefully I sleep better today…haven’t had the best sleep the past couple of nights.

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