New Year’s Resolutions

Sunday, January 2, 2010

There’s something comforting to me about making New Year’s Resolutions…it’s a time to reflect on the past year and plan for the next year.

I do have to say though that every year I feel as though my resolutions reflect what I SHOULD do and usually depict something about myself that I feel negative about and want to change.

Well, enough of that.

I’m too darn old to be focusing on the negative.

This year I am focusing on a positive theme for the year…LOVING MYSELF.

Seems pretty easy, huh?

Well, you’d be pretty surprised how much of the time I spend thinking negatively about myself.

This year I’m going to make a concentrated effort to be kind to me.

And these are the ways I’m going to do it…

1) I’m giving up the scale–every year I say I want to lose xxx amount of weight and then every year I get depressed and frustrated about doing it and feel bad about myself when I don’t accomplish it–so this year I’m just going to eat the best I can and see where it takes me (and I’m not going to feel guilty about the occasional splurge)

2) I’m going to focus on what I want–there is no doubt that I am a people-pleaser. I want others to be happy and often I give up what I want because I try to make everyone else happy.  So this year when someone says, “What do you want to do?, Where do you want to go to eat?,” I will think about what would make me happy and answer honestly.  I want to spend time doing the things I love–watching movies I like, taking time to read, working on craft projects, cook new meals.  I’m hoping that by focusing more on me, I will get to know me better.

3) I’m going to focus on the positive–reading over my blog last year I couldn’t help but notice how many days I said that I hated my job–well this year I’m really going to try to approach each day at work as a day that I can make better for my patients…I’m going to learn everything I can by creating a personal ICU notebook of things that will help me do my job better…I will ask others for help when I need it…I will not base my worth on what the doctors or nurses I work with think of me…I will be the best nurse that I can be.  And when I’m done with work I’ll come home and be comforted by the ones who love me…I love to see my family…Kimm, Izzy, Charlie, and Madeline…and this year I’m going to be extra grateful that I have them to get me through the tough times.

4) I will focus on the relationships that make me feel good–I want to take the time to call or write the people who make me feel happy.  Every year I say this and every year I get caught up in the hum drum day to day living and then the year is over again.  This year I want to really keep in touch.

5) I will base my happiness on experiences, not things–I want to continue to declutter my life of stuff that I don’t need or want or that I associate bad memories with.  There is no use holding on to the past when the future is ahead of me.  I will feel less stressed with money and will do my best to utilize my money in the way that gives me happiness.

And that’s it.  Some of these resolutions are more vague than others but I kind of like that.  It will be interesting to see what I create out of my theme of loving myself over the next 12 months.

I wish everyone a new year filled with love!



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