2010: Year in Review

Friday, December 31, 2010

I honestly can’t believe how fast 2010 went by.

Here were my highlights:


I made my first NEW meal of the year…Creamy Tortellini Casserole

I turned 37!!

I went home to WI to visit my family


Kimm turned 35

I got a position on the IMC unit (Intermediate Care)

I made a good meal…Fettuccini Primavera

And also made Cheesy Potato Soup

I had my last day on Med/Surg and learned there were to be no raises this year

The month of good meals…I made Texas Tator Casserole


Our lips went numb with Spicy Southwestern fettuccine Bowls

I broke our coffee table

We went to see the Big Bad Bollucks for St. Patty’s Day

We did our first yard work of the year

I took my Dysrhythmia class and passed


We decided to start spending CASH ONLY for groceries ($300 limit)

The temp got over 90 degrees (in April!)

I stopped growing my hair out and got a much-needed haircut

I survived my first day on my own on the IMC floor

My dad turned 71 and Kimm and I got new glasses

One of my most popular posts–I made The VERY BEST Banana Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

I featured my Honey Mustard Garlic Vinaigrette (LOVE on summer salads)

Asparagus is in season and we ate lots of Roasted Asparagus with Garlic


A big black fuzzy bee was stuck in our car while we were driving around and we made fools of ourselves trying to get it out of the car and then we never did actually see it leave the car and I was afraid driving my car for about a month!

We had a strong windstorm and lost power for several hours

We got gym memberships in town!

Kimm’s parents had a huge honeybee nest (with over 6000 bees!!) growing in their basement and had to have them vacuumed out by a professional beekeeper

We had another stretch of hot, humid weather (over 90 degrees) and found out that Izzy LOVES ice cream!


We put our garden in!

We started watching the series Weeds (love that show!)

Frank came to visit us while he attended a Hair Salon conference (he bought his own hair salon!!) and he helped us successfully install a new garbage disposal 🙂

We bought new plants and a bistro set for our front porch

We celebrated Kimm’s dad’s 11 year anniversary of getting his heart transplant at The Olive Garden

I paid off ALL of my credit card debit!!!!!

I cleaned out the inside of my car for the very first time

My mom turned 66 years old

I admitted my addiction to Farmville!

We had ANOTHER stretch of hot weather


In order to save even more money grocery shopping we started going to Price Rite–can’t beat the fruit and veggie prices!

Our bedroom air conditioner bit the dust and we bought a (much-needed) new one

All in the same day we…saw a beautiful rainbow, had a wonderful meal of black bean and avocado salad with apple crisp for dessert, bought new sneakers (both of us), and we FINALLY agreed upon and purchased a new comforter that we LOVE!

We painted our front porch ceiling

Our elderly next door neighbor who parked his car in our garage for a while and always reminded us to vote and who just loved Izzy, passed away

We hired an electrician to install an exterior fan for the front porch, a heating fan for the office upstairs, and baseboard heating for the upstairs bathroom–we FINALLY have heat for the entire upstairs 🙂

We celebrated our 8 year anniversary!


Inspired by Operation Beautiful, I wrote a post about loving myself just the way I am

A very dear friend of mine from high school was going through a rough time when her father was in a serious accident (thankfully he’s doing much better now)

I started using Shutterfly to keep my online pictures organized

I started using Gmail for my email and Google calendar to keep track of my life

We had Kimm’s parents over for dinner

We had a complete tofu FAIL and decided we will leave the tofu to get when we order out Chinese

We bought new desks for the office! (still have to get one more put together!!)

I had my second wonderful stay-at-home vacation


I went to a foot doctor who confirmed that I need orthotics (I did order them and STILL have not picked them up!)

Kimm had a bloody nose that lasted almost TWO HOURS!

Izzy turned 4!!

We had an energy audit done on the house and found out that we could get our walls insulated and save 75%!! (unfortunately that never happened YET because we have knob and tube wiring and some issues with the place that was supposed to do the work…i.e., they never called us back even after calling them multiple times…we will have to get that done in 2011)

Izzy helped me blog 🙂

We went to the Big E and bought a Vita-Mix!!

I got into a car accident (not my fault…some guy rear ended me and I got a check for over $500…car and passengers were not injured)

I was asked twice to transfer down to ICU (intensive care unit) and after careful consideration and a day of shadowing another nurse, I said “yes”


October 1st was World Vegetarian Day

10/10/10 happened…it only occurs once every 100 years

My brother Kurt turned 36 years old

October 14th we turned on the heat for the first time and I started my ICU training

I passed ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)

I vacuumed A LOT of leaves from our yard

We handed out candy to only 8 trick-or-treaters


Kimm got a cortisone shot for her carpal tunnel

Kimm and I went to go see the Indigo Girls play in Northampton

November 7th was my first night on my own in ICU (can we say short orientation!)

Izzy couldn’t pee! (thankfully some antibiotics cleared her up)

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Kimm’s family

We tried a new restaurant, Bruburgers, where we LOVED their fried green beans and had the WORST veggie burger of our life

Kimm and I had our own Thanksgiving feast and shared our thankfulness notes which we did for every day leading up to Thanksgiving


We put up our Christmas tree (from Peter) and decorated the house for Christmas 🙂

We had a snap of REALLY cold weather

We celebrated our TWO YEAR anniversary of being in our “new” house on December 13th!

I had an expensive trip to the auto mechanic (approx. $680!!)

I made my very favorite Christmas candy, Patience, for the first time ever 🙂

Kimm and I delivered Christmas (and doggie) treats to all of our neighbors

We spent Christmas Eve with Kimm’s brother watching Christmas movies

We celebrated our 3rd Christmas in our home (and of course I had to go in to work that night)

We got our first measurable snowstorm of the season (6 inches)

I had two incredibly busy days in the ICU and Izzy got put on antibiotics for a form of Lyme’s disease (doing better, whew!)

We had a holiday girl’s night with a wine exchange

We celebrated New Year’s in with each other and some champagne!

Here’s to an even better 2011!!


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