Catching Up

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I haven’t blogged in like three days. Sorry to scare you Mom.  I am okay 🙂

And I had been doing so good!

Turns out I had some wicked busy nights at work and all I could think of when I got home was BED.

Then yesterday, we had our Girl’s Night out and got back late so no blogging yesterday.

Today I just wanted to relax and try to let my body catch up to being off of work for a few days.

Unfortunately, last night I slept like CRAP and today I’ve been mostly in a fog.

I’m hoping for a better tomorrow.

So highlights for today included:

–going for a walk with Izzy and Kimm (I always enjoy this!)

–trying to catch up on my blogs (I’m still WAY behind)

–reading some of my new book (Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi…really liking it so far)

–picking up some books I had “ordered” at the library (me love books!)

–getting a few things at the grocery store for tomorrow night (New Year’s Eve)

–taking a nap on the couch 🙂

Now we are possibly going to watch something on TV and HOPEFULLY get a better nights sleep.

Tomorrow is the LAST day of 2010!

(by the way…Izzy is doing much better!)



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Party Time

**postdated for Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After sleeping all day I got up and we headed out to Northampton for our holiday themed Girl’s Night 🙂

This is kind of horrible, but I don’t think we’ve gotten together ALL YEAR.  We are so bad.

There was lots of…



…talking (we had to catch up on everyone’s lives)

…eating (yumm toasted marshmallow fondue…yes thank you!)

…wine swapping (we did a wine swap this year instead of gifts and everything really liked it)


I really miss those girls.  We made a resolution that it WILL not be another full year before we all get together again!

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The ICU is BUSY/Izzy is sick too!

**postdated for Tuesday, December 28, 2010

UGHH.  Last night was SO BUSY.  I literally did not stop moving from the time I got in, until the time I left–I think I may have gone to the bathroom twice and swigged down a few apple juices, but that was it.  The rest of the time I felt like I was running behind a bus, trying to catch it, but always being 10 feet away.  It’s an awful feeling.  I just knew that I was not on top of my charting all night long and everything that could go wrong with my patients, WAS!

Was so glad to get home.

And then when I got up and was getting ready for my next day, Kimm told me that Izzy is on antibiotics.

Turns out she was a bit lethargic and also having difficulty going up and down the stairs.  Kimm wasn’t sure what was going on but when she was outside taking Izzy for a walk the neighbor boy offhandedly asked if she had Lyme’s disease.  That got Kimm to thinking, and she took a look at the paper we got from the shelter where we adopted her and sure enough, she tested positive for a bacteria that is a form of Lyme’s disease.  She called the vet, explained the situation, and then he did say that it was most likely a flare-up (and one that could happen anytime during her life).  So he ordered the antibiotics and said that her symptoms should ease up after about 24-48 hours on the antibiotic.  Poor Izzy-bear…she sure has had a lot of stuff go on in her short time with us!

Feel better Izzy 🙂

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