The Sick Bug Visits Again…

Friday, December 10, 2010

I see this becoming a yearly thing.

Kimm is sick.

We are stocked up on orange juice, Vick’s Nasal Spray, menthol rub, Contac, Puffs, and cuddly blankets.

What we are hoping for: a couple good nights of sleep to help throw this yucky cold to the curb.

And most of all what I’m really hoping is that I don’t get sick.

Usually when this starts it becomes a back and forth exchange of germs that lasts all winter long 😦

Here’s to positive thoughts being more than half the battle!

Okay…I have to get through the next three days of work and then comes a magical surprise…three off, one on, and then three more off!  Plus I’m going to put in for 1st cancel for the one day I’m working so HOPEFULLY it will be seven off!!

Everyone, cross your fingers for me!

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