Trick or Treat

Sunday, October 31, 2010



We only had EIGHT trick-or-treaters tonight.  Slow night this year.

Best laugh of the night--one of the little guys that came was dressed with a palette and a paintbrush, so I said to him, “Oh, so you’re a painter!”  He responded, quickly, “No, I’m an ARTIST!”  Then after Kimm gave him his Tootsie Pop and a bunch of Pixie Stix, he stands there, just staring at the lollipop.  Finally Kimm says, “Do you like cherry?” (all ready to exchange him for a different flavor), when he blurts out, “I’m allergic to this!” (turns out he’s allergic to milk which I assume is in the tootsie roll part).  So we gave him a bunch more Pixie Stix and he says, “These are PURE SUGAR…sticks of PURE SUGAR,” and then laughs continuously.  At that point we were bending over with laughter.  And the kid wouldn’t leave…finally I said to him, “Happy Halloween…have fun getting more candy…bye,” and FINALLY he left.  We found out from our neighbor that he has autism.  But he sure gave us our laughs for the night 🙂

Now I’m getting ready to go to work.  Hopefully it won’t be too crazy there considering it’s Halloween!

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