Quick Clean

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kimm and I are trying something new with the cleaning.  We are deciding to do a “quick clean” once a week to keep up on everything.  This is instead of just saying, “oh, I should really clean the toilets (or vacuum, or dust, etc.).”  We actually schedule this on the calendar.

So far it is working GREAT.  We both do different things, but because we are working together, it goes by fast.  And because we are doing it weekly, the house doesn’t get too “dirty.”

Plus it’s a good workout…we were both SWEATY when we were done 🙂

Had a good lunch…LT’s (lettuce & tomato) sandwiches.  Yumm.  With a nice crisp Honeycrisp apple on the side.

And then, get this…I was called to come in to work extra (7p-7a) and I said “yes.”  WHO AM I??? I never go in extra!  I think I said yes because I’m already working 40 hours this week.  So these four extra hours will be OT.  Not to mention, they were offering a bonus.  It’s not like I would be missing too much at home either…Kimm has a game she’s watching tonight.

So the extra money will be nice and I don’t think it will negatively impact my work week.  I just hope it’s not crazy busy and I regret it.  They actually said they were taking me off ICU training tonight probably because they need the help on ICU.  So we’ll see…when I called in, they said I could possibly be back in ICU for training depending on the census.  So things are up in the air I guess.

Off to take a warm shower…can’t wait!

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