Things are a’changin’ again…

Friday, October 8, 2010

Well, it happened.

I got the ICU position.

This elicits two emotions from me–excited and scared out of my mind!

On the one hand, it’s going to be great learning even more nursing stuff…stuff that I would not be privy to by just dealing with med/surg or IMC patients.  On the other hand, I’m going to be dealing with potentially unstable, highly critical patients.  This could drive the “I want every patient to be pain-free, have optimal blood pressure, afebrile, and somewhat stable” mentality that I crave out the door 🙂  I have a feeling I will be learning how to deal more with uncertainty.  However, I know that sometimes by being a good “detective” I can notice slight downward trends before they become crazy and turn into codes. I will have to draw on my inner calm.  First I need to find it!!

And they are wasting no time in starting to train me–it all begins next week.  I have Sunday and Monday on IMC and then I start training (3-11, ugh, for 5 days and then 11-7, only slightly better for about 2-4 weeks).  That’s it.  Ummm…SCARY!!!!

Oh well, as I told Kimm, I can only approach this by thinking about it one week at a time.

Tonight I kind of got to ignore all that by just hanging out with Kimm’s friend and her husband.  Nice to just chill.

But tomorrow I have to do some reviewing of information and definitely start studying ACLS.  Arghh….I’m going to feel SO MUCH BETTER when I’m on my own again…in about 6 weeks.  Until then I just have to repeat…”one day at a time.”

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