Last day of vacation, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Technically I still have half a day tomorrow on vacation, but really, it’s over for me tonight.  I never completely feel relaxed on a day that I have to go in to work 😦

But, I am in the moment!

It WAS a GOOD day.

Went through even more paper stuff!  Finally let go of all my notes from nursing school.  Liberating!!  Two huge stacks of paper–GONE!  Kimm even got into the mood and went through a bunch of stuff as well.

Got a haircut and colored my hair.  The haircut…ehh.  Still have not found someone whom I really TRUST with my hair or that makes a great impression on me.  But at least it’s shorter and a tad more manageable.  I will keep searching.  The hair color…loving being able to do it myself for only about $6 (thank you $2 off coupon!).  I had spotted QUITE a few gray hairs so it was much-needed.

Had wonderful meals–mashed potatoes and mixed veggies for lunch, black bean/corn/tomato/onion/avocado salad for dinner.  Definitely got our quota of veggies in today.

Gossip Girl on the agenda for tonight.  With some poppy-corn and a drink.

Two days on to start this week and I really am determined to try to pick up 8 extra hours.

BTW, can you BELIEVE that it is completely dark now by 8 pm?  So sad to see the long days of summer leave…

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