Thursday, August 26, 2010

I had a goal today and that goal was to go through the stuff in both my bookcases and the JUNK in front of it…believe me, it was a lot.  I just wanted to feel more organized, get rid of the stuff/junk I did not need, and feel that sense of “ahh” when you have less stuff cluttering up an area.

Well.  I did get through the bookcases and they are organized pretty well I think.  I got rid of a LOT of books.  I decided to keep only books that I LOVE and will actually read over again.  I’m happy about that.

But there was still that STUFF that was hard to make decisions about.  The stuff that I felt attached to, even though I don’t know why.  The stuff from my past.  The stuff that has memories attached to it.  The stuff that needs to be filed (I think!).  The stuff that just doesn’t have a home.

And that is the stuff that made me feel overwhelmed and discouraged folks.

I give a lot of credit to people who can just chuck out stuff that they know they won’t use or need.  Me, I have to mull over everything and therefore it takes so long to go through everything.   And that’s why I still have all this stuff YEARS later.  I can’t ever remember not having a pile of stuff to file/go through/get rid of/take action on.

I feel I am an organized person, but I really don’t think I am.  I think I could be, if everything was organized right now.

But I know I get overwhelmed if I do too much in one day.  So I think that I’m REALLY GOING TO TRY to go through just a small pile every day.


I want this to work.

So I shall attack the piles again tomorrow.


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