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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The day has arrived.  Gossip Girl Season 3 on DVD was released today and guess who was impatient and got a copy already?

That’s right…US.  And we’ve already watched one episode and intend to watch more this evening 🙂

I still LOVE watching new TV!

And wait.  The fun does not stop there.  We made more purchases at our favorite, Target.  They had jeans on sale for back-to-school.  Kimm made out like a bandit–three pairs of jeans, $15 each, and two pair of cargo pants, $25 each.  I was not quite so lucky in number, but I love what I got—one pair of jeans for $20.  PLUS…we got our new desks for the office.  We’ve known what we wanted for quite a while but we were just waiting for a good sale.  And today was that day–$25 off.  So two desks for $150.  NOT BAD BABY!  Now we just have to assemble them.  That will be me, not Kimm.  Guess who has more patience? 🙂

We also got a treat today.  McDonald’s Vanilla Shakes!  Haven’t had those in like FOREVER.  Just had a craving.  Totally satisfied.

Off to watch GG.

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