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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Since I didn’t do too much today (slept until 4:30–hello first day off of work!), I figured I would share with you some of my favorite blogs.  Usually on my first day off I don’t do too much just because I’m still tired (even though I slept all day!).  But I generally always get caught up on my favorite blogs that have accumulated over the days that I worked.  I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read, but there are always the ones that you can’t wait to read.

Here’s the list (in no particular order):

Peas and Thank You

Healthy Tipping Point

The Front Burner

Kath Eats Real Food


Young House Love

Carrots N’ Cake

Iowa Girl Eats

Peanut Butter Fingers

The Inner Workings of a College Graduate

Wow, that just happened to be ten blogs.  Strange.

I would highly suggest checking these blogs out, especially if you are in to healthy eating/living, as the majority of these blogs are categorized as Healthy Living blogs.

So I did do a few other things today–we went to the library (new books!), made dinner (baked potatoes with butter and sour cream, yummm), and now we are going to watch some Gossip Girl with a snack.  Then bed–oh comfy bed I can’t wait to climb in 🙂

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