Night-time Naps

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just for the record…night-time naps are so nice 🙂

Today just flew by and yet hmmm…what did Ido?

Well, the cats had their yearly vet appointment.  Charlie lost 1.2 pounds–his teeth are decaying quite a bit and most of the teeth have gum growing over the tooth to help protect the tooth–eventually the teeth will probably break off.  The vet states that he may have some more discomfort with eating…we’ve noticed he definitely has been eating slower, but still runs to his food bowl every time!  We could make an appointment for the teeth to be broken off down to the gum line, or eventually in time, this will happen all on its own.  I think we will leave things up to Mother Nature at this point, as long as he doesn’t seem to be in too much pain or lose too much weight.  As far as Madeline–well she GAINED 1.4 pounds!  Turns out that the monthly antibiotic we have been giving her has made a big difference…the inflammation around her gums look much better and judging by her increased weight, it’s not as painful for her to eat.  The year prior when she was having all these problems, she had lost almost 5 pounds.  So she’s in much better shape.  We’ll just have to watch them closely when they eat–Madeline is feeling so much better that she eats fast and then heads over to Charlie’s dish!  She’s a sneaky one, all right!

We also took a trip out to Target.  Kimm had her heart set on a belt she had seen last time we were there and she was just kicking herself for not getting it.  Thankfully it was still there 🙂  She also managed to pick up another pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  No such luck for me!  We also picked up some Melatonin to start giving Izzy.  We asked the vet about what to do about her being so afraid during storms.  He said that we could start giving her one pill (3 mg) per day to see if it helps.  Supposedly it is a hormone that will raise the levels of serotonin and thus help her stay more calm.  We shall see.  He said that the problem with anti-anxiety meds is that when a storm comes about the dog usually gets excited/fearful right away and the medicine takes a while to work, and many times the storm is past at that point.  Makes sense.  So I’m hoping this works.

I worked some more on Shutterfly–uploading more pictures.  I’m obsessed 🙂

Watching some Gossip Girl and bed soon.  Can’t wait for Season Three of GG which comes out next month!!

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