Stay-cation Day 8: Sick (but still enjoying my time off!)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

It could not POSSIBLY be the end of this month, could it?

Wow.  This month of sauna-like weather has seemed to go by so fast now that it’s gone.

I’m so grateful that the past two days have been GORGEOUS 🙂

So yep, Kimm and I are sick.  How the heck did that happen?  I mean, it’s the middle of summer!

went to bed feeling a bit under the weather and then woke up at 6 am not being able to breathe at all.  Sneezing too.  So I took some Contac, used the nasal spray and came down to the couch to read waiting for all the medicine to work.  I eventually could breath again and then took a nap before Kimm got up.  She was all sniffly too.   Sigh.

But we both got a lot accomplished again today. Even with being sick.  We are hard-core I guess.

I cleaned the upstairs bathroom.  Deep cleaned.  Meaning I scrubbed the floor.  It’s like a totally different color now!  My fingertips hurt from pushing the sponge around on the floor.

I also made mac and cheese for dinner.  Holy yum.  Such a good meal.  With snickerdoodle blondies for dessert.  Heck, I am on vacation.

Kimm did laundry–we have lots.  And vacuumed the porch.  And we got the porch all set back up.  Until the next time we have to move everything out when we paint.  But that’s not now and we wanted to enjoy our porch while we could with the new fan!

I’m still going to try to put away all my clothes tonight and organize my drawers???  We shall see.  I have a Smirnoff Ice to help me through it.

And we’re going to watch a movie.

Oh goodness only one more FULL day off.

BTW..I have 34 mosquito bites on my right leg/foot and 21 on my left leg/foot.  Most of them are itched raw already.  And Kimm did not get a single one.  Life just doesn’t seem fair sometimes.

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