Stay-cation Day 6: Tears and Cheers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Well, yesterday I didn’t have time to post because we were out pretty late–didn’t get into bed until past 2 am.

First on the agenda was our neighbor’s funeral.  It was a dreary, rainy day.  There’s something fitting about it being like that when you bury someone.

The funeral was okay.  I haven’t been to that many funerals in my life.  I thought the minister was too dramatic when he was talking.  Totally made me want to laugh and not focus on why we were there.  But then when his daughter (who we both know) got up to say a few words, well, that was when we lost it.  Both of us had tears streaming down our faces.

We elected not to go to the cemetery.  I always feel like that is more personal and for family.

Later that night we went for a ride in the car with Izzy-Bear.  It was beautiful out.  It cooled down and we had the windows down and just drove!  Went to Windsor Locks in CT.  Then back.  When we arrived home, that’s when we saw a bunch of our neighbors across the street, talking and drinking and they invited us over (this was at the house of the neighbor whose dad had died).  So we grabbed our drinks (all we had was Smirnoff Ice–Kimm is out of her beer!) and chairs and headed over.  Had a few Chocolate Covered Cherry shots (so good–chocolate “cups” filled with cherry Jell-O shots made with chocolate vodka!).  Talked a lot.  Remembered our neighbor.  Drank to his memories.  Got bit by SO MANY mosquitos!  Those buggers love me.  I think I have 20 AT LEAST.  So itchy.

It was a good way to end the night.  When we got into bed I think I fell asleep immediately and I slept so good.  All I remember is waking up feeling SO rested 🙂

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