Stay-cation Day 5: One of those days…

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I haven’t mentioned it in prior posts this week, but Kimm and I are making the transition to getting up earlier this week.  However, we are still having trouble with the getting to bed earlier part!  Thus, I think today it all caught up with me!!

Up at 7:30, walk with Izzy, coffee and computer time.

Ate lunch (leftovers from Olive Garden).

Then I started to get VERY sleepy.  Which resulted in a 2 hour nap!

When I got up I got SUPER FRUSTRATED with my STUPID games on Facebook.  Let’s just say that lately I’ve been having trouble logging on to Farmville (and Petville and Yoville…basically all of the Zynga games) and today just took me to the edge.  I’m sorry, when you try close to 20 times to log in…and NOTHING!  Not to mention I was in the middle of rearranging my large farm and it looks like shit and I had planted some crops that needed to be harvested.  I was PISSED.  And I was pissed that I was pissed about a stupid GAME.  So I basically just said, “That’s it, I’m done with this. It’s not worth my time and my emotions.”  Which was good.  I was spending too much time on a stupid pretend game.  I need to spend time on my actual life.  Of course that still made me angry and upset.  I LIKED that game (when I could log on!).  Oh well.  Let’s just say it made me in a very bad mood.

Then we had to get ready for the wake of our neighbor who passed away.  Nothing like getting dressed up when it is SO HOT out.  I was basically dripping sweat as I was getting ready.  And since I was already irritated from the Farmville fiasco, it made me even in a worse mood.  Thankfully taking a shower helped me calm down, but did absolutely nothing for cooling me down.

We got there about 10 minutes after it started and there were already quite a few people.  It was scheduled from 4-8 pm so the family had a long time there.  Of course we lost it.  There’s just something about hugging someone who has just lost someone close to them that really brings on the tears.

We ordered Chinese food afterwards.  Got the usual, “ten minutes” for pick up time but of course it took more like 20 minutes so I was standing inside the sweltering restaurant waiting for the food to finish being ready.  That of course did not help my mood at all.  And then it just got worse when I got home and saw that they left out the white rice that goes with the Sesame Tofu we ordered.  See what I mean!  When one thing goes wrong, it all seems to go downhill.  I think we may try another Chinese place in the future.  Even though the food is good, there are a ton of Chinese food places and maybe we can actually find one that doesn’t mess up a simple order.

After eating I was tired again.  Resulting in a nap on the couch.

The plan is to watch a movie tonight.

I really hope tomorrow is better.  This is my vacation, darn it!

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