Stay-cation Day 3: House Work

Monday, July 26, 2010

It’s been a long day.  Mostly because it began with getting up at 6 am!  We are NOT used to that.

But it was up and at ’em because today was the day that we got the work done on the house!!

Heating fan for upstairs office = $250

Exterior fan for screened in porch = $80

Two men to install such fans, as well as baseboard heating in the upstairs bathroom = $1,080

Finally being able to have heat on the ENTIRE upstairs = priceless 🙂

This was the first MAJOR work we’ve had done on the house.  I consider “major work” to include anything over $1,000!

It’s so great that we got the heat, however, it won’t really effect the resale value of the house considering most houses generally come with heat on all levels.  But knowing how we’ve suffered on the second level for the past two winters, I know we’ll really appreciate it come winter.

So here are the pics:

Fan on porch…we choose to have the light wood panel face downward (it’ll look so good when the walls are painted and the furniture is back on the porch)

Fan in upstairs office–absolutely love the black with the silver!

Baseboard heat in the bathroom–no more freezing cold bathroom runs in the middle of the night or shivering as you step out of the shower!!

The wall thermostat that programs the baseboard heat (so much easier to save money with better control)

It took them about 7 hours for installation.  But they had a beautiful, breezy day for it.

After they left and we ate, we still had more work to do.

It was time to empty out the basement of a bunch of stuff that we were getting rid of.  Every once in a while there is a group that drives around the neighborhoods and picks up stuff that people donate.  Of course it is tomorrow and we had to get all the stuff outside.

It was a hot and sweaty job.

I can’t believe how much stuff we are getting rid of.  It feels SO GOOD.  I just want to get rid of more stuff 🙂

We’re going to spend the next month trying to go through even more stuff in the basement and upstairs.  I’m all about getting rid of the clutter!

After all that, it was time to relax.  We had breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, blueberry muffin, and apple slices with peanut butter) and called it a night!

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