Stay-cation Day 1: The Good and the Bad

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What a nice feeling it was to leave the hospital this morning knowing that I was going to have NINE glorious days off!

But, when I arrived home, I saw our neighbor’s daughter at our front gate.  Turns out that her father, our neighbor, (the one that kept his car in our garage for close to 6 weeks, and the one who’s had multiple heart attacks, strokes, and respiratory problems), passed away.  What a shock.  We just saw him the other day when we were on our walk with Izzy.  He was sitting outside and he was SO happy to see Izzy–he has always loved her.  He always said, “How’s our little Isabella?”  He was like the only one that ever called her Isabella 🙂  And Izzy really liked him too!  So I’m glad that the last time we saw him he was smiling.

Of course his wife and daughter were a mess.  They’ve had visitors all day.  I’m sure we’ll find out tomorrow about times for the wake and funeral.  What a way to start a vacation.

The only good thing is that he’s not suffering anymore.  I remember the past couple of times we saw him we would always ask how he was doing and he would always say, “Not good.”  His breathing problems prevented him from doing so many of the things he loved to do.  Which was very frustrating for him.  So now he’s free of that.

Thankfully we’ll always have memories. I know he really always treated us like granddaughters, looking out for us.  It’s a good feeling.  I just hope his family will be able to focus on the good memories as well.

So it’s been a pretty low-key first day of vacation.

We did get pizza out–veggie pizza from Parthenon.  Haven’t had that in like forever.  Tasted so good.

And we’re going to watch a movie tonight.

A nice, relaxing start to the week.

Vacation, I hope you don’t go by TOO fast!

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