A Night on My Own…

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I’m here by myself tonight.

Kimm is off to the Big Bad Bollucks concert.  I’ve seen them twice this year and really didn’t feel like going.

So what did I do…

Well there was a lot of this:

Did you ever watch that show as a kid?  I guess I’m trying to relive my youth 🙂  I was obsessed with the Brady Bunch when I was a kid!

All the seasons are only $10 each at B.J.’s which is MUCH cheaper than anywhere else online.

We finished painting the ceiling today.

But since I’m so neurotic, I’m going to caulk and touch up those areas that have spaces between the slates.

It’ll take a lot of time, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.

Here are some pictures thus far.




See what I mean about the spaces between the slats?  Kind of distracts from the nice, new paint!

We had an awesome lunch–Zucchini Grinders (sautéed zucchini with pasta sauce, on a roll, toasted with mozzarella cheese) and on the side, some sautéed green beans and peas from our garden–our FIRST picking 🙂

And just because I haven’t shown any cute pictures of the kitties lately…

Charlie inside the water bottle container…

Madeline inside the dish strainer…

We dropped off newspapers and other miscellaneous stuff at the animal shelter today and they were so grateful.  Of course we took a look around–all the kitties and pups there are so cute.  It’s just so sad to go there and know that all the animals need loving homes.  Thankfully there were lots of people there today–hopefully lots of animals will have new families!

I have to say, it’s quite lonely by myself.

I can’t wait to see Kimm again. At least I have my Izzy bear to keep me company 🙂

Only one more night to work and then NINE off!!!!

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  1. I used to enjoy watching the Brady Bunch as well though the one line “Mom always said not to play ball in the house” used to drive us nuts.

    Enjoy your time of solitude.

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