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Friday, July 16, 2010

Today has been go, go, go for me since I’ve gotten up.  I’m just now finally relaxing 🙂

After Izzy’s walk, I had only a short amount of time before I had to hop in the shower and get dressed for my dentist appointment (another cavity filled).

Then once I got home Kimm and I headed out to Kohl’s to try to find some new gym sneakers.  We like to try to go there first because when there is a good sale, it can be a lot cheaper.

Guess what?

We both were in luck.  We both got a pair of Nikes.  I haven’t had a pair of Nikes in SO LONG.  Usually because they run so small.  Kimm got a pair of white/purple/silver, size 7 1/2 women’s, and I got a pair of gray/white/orange, size 11 men’s.  What a difference in sizes, huh?  We both had difficulty buying shoes, but for totally opposite reasons…my feet are too big and her’s are too small!

Unfortunately Kimm’s were much more expensive than mine–$65 for her, $40 for me.

Then we decided to just wander the store a bit.  Happened to look at the bedding, not expecting anything, but WE FOUND NEW BEDDING.  That we both like!!!!  This is amazing.  It is a geometric print (which I was surprised I liked) in tones of blue and brown.  And some funky, cool sheets as well.  All marked down.  We got the comforter (which is reversible) and the sheets for only $150 ($100 off!).  I can’t tell you how happy we both were!

Back home for lunch…mushroom veggie burgers, brown rice, and veggies and dip on the side.  SO GOOD.

Then we spent the next hour or so picking out paint colors for the front porch–the floor and the walls.  It took us SO LONG.  First we had different ideas of what we wanted, and then when we started to narrow it down, we still had a hard time picking the “right” one.  But we finally did it.

So then it was off to Home Depot to get the paint.  While we were there we also got new chain pulls for the ceiling fan in the kitchen…makes a world of difference.  Much more classy.  Not to mention they hang lower so now Kimm can actually reach them 🙂

After we got home (again!) we both took showers and I popped our favorite frozen pizza in the oven.

Watched a House while we ate and now the whole family is enjoying relaxing in the living room.

Oh yeah, let me modify that.  The whole family except Izzy–she’s up in the air-conditioned bedroom.  She becomes quite anti-social when there is AC on upstairs!

It was quite disgusting with the heat/humidity today and still no break in sight.  This is a record for sure.

Pictures of stuff tomorrow.  Promise.

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