Back to the Gym

Monday, July 10, 2010

I finally got back to the gym today.

I had been going well when we first joined back up, but then I got distracted. It was hot.  I didn’t feel like going.

But at the beginning of this month I made a decision.  I need to start doing–eating better, exercising, getting off the excess weight.

So what motivated me?

I just FEEL tired.  I know the excess weight is making a huge difference.  Have you ever carried those 40 pound cat litters?  They are HEAVY.  Just imagine two of those strapped to your body all the time.  That’s what I’m dealing with.  I just can’t take it anymore.

So we’ve started eating better.  More fruits and veggies and real foods.  We’ve done really good with that for the first part of the month.

Now I’m adding back in the exercise.

Of course, I didn’t feel like going today.

But I did.  And I think it’s going to have to be a daily decision.

Even though we’ve had Izzy for over 9 months, most days I don’t feel like taking her on her walk.  I’m tired when I first wake up.  Often the weather is not that great.  And I’m hungry.  But I get out there and walk her because IT NEEDS TO BE DONE.

And that is exactly how I need to approach the gym.  It just needs to get done.

And it will.

Today I did 1/2 hour on the treadmill, weights–arms, 60 sit ups, 10 minutes on the bike–we were at the gym for an hour.

When we left I was dripping sweat as if I’d taken a dip in the pool!

But I felt good.

You always feel good AFTER you go.

So I’m just going to have to force myself to go.

My goal was to lose 10 pounds this month.  I’m going to push myself as hard as I can.

My reward…$10 for every pound I lose…to be spent on clothes 🙂

Wish me luck.

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Bye Bye…

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Well, our bedroom air conditioner bit the dust.  When I came home this morning Kimm told me that in the middle of the night it started making some strange popping noises and then the room would just not stay cool.  She had left it on for me but when I went up to bed the room, which is usually in the 60s after having the AC on all night, was in the mid 70s.

So after getting up early today, we made a trek out to the mall to see if we could find ourselves a new one.  We tried Target first.  Of course they were all sold out, even though on-line they said they still had some in stock.  So then we went to Sears and luckily for us they still had quite a few 🙂  We paid $150 for a 5,000 BTU, enough to keep a 150 sq ft room cool.  It’s pretty nice–a remote control, energy-efficient rating, and you can set the temp you want the room to be.

The worst part about buying the AC was having to carry it from Sears all the way through the mall to our car.  It was HEAVY!  Kimm and I carried it together, by these straps that were around the box, but after only a short amount of time, it made your hands go numb.  I was sweating my ass off by the time I got to the car!

But we gave ourselves a little reward–Mocha Coconut Frappacinos from Barnes and Noble.  Word.  Those things are the bomb!

But we weren’t done yet.  We still had to take out the old AC and put in the new one.  The bad part was that the old one was leaking all over the place when we took it out.  The good part was that the new one was extremely easy to put together and put in the window.

So it’s all set, cooling our room down as we speak.  I can’t wait to go up there and sleep. I’m just so happy that we found one or else we would have had to go without ac and believe me, I would not be happy.  I’m just too used to being able to sleep comfortably.

Bye bye old ac.  You did good for us…it lasted for a good many years.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day.  I am DETERMINED to get to the gym!!

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