Enjoy the NOW

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last night at work was busy, busy, busy.  I was busting my butt from the time I got there until the time I left.  Literally.  I did eat a piece of toast and drink water/coffee, but for the most part I was either doing patient care or charting or calling the doctor or calling the pharmacy, or putting in new IVs or straightening the arms of patients whose IVs were in the AC.

I had two admissions.  That’s usually not too bad, but I had one patient with severe dementia and she was a handful…basically pulling at all of her tubing/wires–cardiac monitor, IV, Foley–and not to mention she was having intense itching.  So it was really tough to get her to calm down.  It didn’t really happen but at least a daughter was able to stay overnight and it made things a lot easier.

When I have tough nights like this, it really makes me appreciate my days off.  And to enjoy the NOW of the moment, even if it means I am doing dishes, making a meal, or sorting through crap.  At least I am at home and able to not feel so frustrated!

I am so ready for bed.

It’s humid out right now.  But I watered the garden and there are lots of squash blossoms and I finally see the cucumbers starting to do something!!  And lots of little green cherry tomatoes.  Can’t wait to eat those 🙂

And now off to bed to erase this night from my memory.

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