Still Unsufferable.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Have I mentioned lately that it is HOT here?

If not, here’s your daily reminder.  It is!

I’m actually looking forward to Saturday because it’ll be in the 80s 🙂

A fairly low-key day.  It has to be when it’s this hot.  I went to the dentist and had one of my cavities filled.  I LOVE my new dentist.  I couldn’t even feel a thing, even when she was shooting up the Novocaine.  I have another one in a week and a half.  The only thing I DON’T like is the cost.  Even with insurance, I still had to pay out $185 for this appointment (although to be fair $39 was from my first appointment–cleaning and x-rays).  My insurance is supposed to pay 80% of fillings.  Doesn’t seem like they do.  They probably only cover 80% of a “reasonable cost for a filling.”  I HATE that.

Anyways, in other news…I picked our first produce from the garden today–a radish.  We  had it in tonight’s salad–what a wonderful addition–crisp and slightly peppery.

And now we are going to watch a movie–Edge of Darkness.  I’m excited!

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