Is seeing believing?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One of the blogs I read, Roni’s Weigh, is extremely inspiring to me.  She speaks to you like you are a real person and understands that even though she’s lost a lot of weight, it’s a lifetime journey to be healthy.  One of the things that she has mentioned several times is how media influences the “diet” mentality and how thoughts such as “I’m not thin/good enough” can cause many people to give up and thus gain a lot of unhealthy weight, or go to the opposite extreme and diet so intensely that health is in danger.

Today she posted about how media feeds us images that are not real.  And it’s simply shocking.  The amount of retouching that is done is unbelievable.  No wonder tons of kids have a self-esteem problem.  No one is going to look that good without retouching.

Check out all the images on her post, “Do you believe what you see?”

Did you know that all this digital re-imaging was so prevalent?

So the next time you are flipping through a magazine and say to yourself, “I wish I could look like that” just know that you could…after dishing out some money for retouching fees.

You are beautiful!!

BTW…temps over 100 today.  CRAZY.

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