The 4th

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!!

We were able to catch an amateur fireworks show in our front yard when we came home from Target tonight–our neighbors were putting off a bunch.  They were pretty good–as nice as the ones you see done by the different towns.  The only drawback–your house smells like sulfur after it’s all done.

Izzy of course did not like them.  She hid under the bed.  In fact, Kimm had to lift the bed up to get her out.  She would not eat her evening meal.  Took her a LONG time to do her business outside.

Good thing fireworks only come around once a year!

Another one day off.  As mentioned, a Target trip entailed…that place will make you spend money I swear!  Mostly household stuff, but I did pick up a new sweatshirt for work 🙂  I like to have one to throw over my scrubs and my other ones are full of holes…seriously!

We’re going to watch a movie.  Then bed.  Love bed–especially with the air conditioner going!

We’re heading into a few days close to the 100 degree mark.  Ugh.

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