Back and Forth…

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just one night off because I have to go in for my holiday tonight.

So on tonight, then off Sunday then on Monday and then finally three days off.  So back and forth to work.  I’m not a fan of the on/off schedule when you are working 12 hours and nights…completely screws up your sleeping schedule!

However, it’s been a nice, relaxing morning.

Coffee and computer time.

I’m sure a nap is in my future since I didn’t sleep too many hours last night.

Mmmm…a book and bed…nothing more you could ask for 🙂

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Price Rite

*postdated for Friday, July 2, 2010

We had a busy night last night so I am not blogging until this morning.

Per my normal routine, I slept until 4:30 pm.  Of course I still felt tired when I woke up.  I HATE that.

But I got going making dinner because I knew that we wanted to go grocery shopping later.

Dinner was mmm…mmm…good–Vegetarian Shepard’s Pie (basically a vegetarian burger, cut up and cooked with onions, then topped with corn and mashed potatoes!).

Then after dinner Kimm and I took Izzy for a longer walk for our last cool day before another warm stretch.  We walked for about 40 minutes (2 miles).  Izzy was TIRED at the end 🙂

Then we hit out Price Rite and Stop and Shop.  Usually we only go to Stop and Shop but we wanted to stock up on a lot of produce and I knew we’d get a better deal at Price Rite…and boy did we…

Check it out…

Red delicious apples–99 cents/lb (usually $1.69/lb at S/S)

Peaches–89 cents/lb (at least over $2/lb at S/S)

Pint of blueberries–$1.99 ($2.99 at S/S)

Green and red peppers–$1.29/lb (over $2/lb at S/S)

Limes–6/$1 (2/$1 at S/S)

Zucchini–79 cents/lb ($1.29/lb at S/S)

Grapes–$1.29/lb ($2.99/lb at S/S)

Tomatoes–99 cents/lb (over $2/lb at S/S)

Bananas–49 cents/lb (69 cents/lb at S/S)

Kiwi–5/$1 (3/$1 at S/S)

….and more!!!  You get the drift.

We got lots of fresh fruit and veggies as well as a few other things for only $40.  That made my night.

Then we stopped at Stop and Shop and got the rest of the stuff we needed–another $80 spent.

One good thing was that I was able to get cherries at S/S for only $1.99/lb!!  Me happy.  Love cherries.

Half of our grocery budget is close to being gone.  It will be a challenge to get through this month as our goal is to up our fruit/veggie intake.  But we can do it!!!

The rest of the night was spent watching the last of Season Five of Weeds.  Wow, what a season finale!  It was GOOD.

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