Car Cleaning…

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Would you believe me if I told you I have NEVER cleaned out the inside of my car (i.e., windows, vacuum, Armorall)????

Well you should!

I’m really lazy with upkeep in my car.  I’m not sure why?!

But yesterday I just felt compelled to get out and clean out my car.  Of course I started this after about 3 pm and it was way too large of a task to get done in the time I had allotted.  So I got all the windows done (inside and out!), vacuumed out the trunk and half the back seat, and Armoralled some of the dash.

I will have to wait for the rest of my days off to finish it all.

But it’s a GREAT start.  I love how NEW my car looks 🙂

Last night was a good night at work!  I’m hoping for another one tonight.  Now my eyes are about to close on their own so I will head to bed.

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