Happy 11th Birthday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Today was Kimm’s dad’s 11th year “birthday”–he had his heart transplant 11 years ago and he’s still going strong 🙂

Kimm’s mom always does a celebration dinner and this year we all headed out to The Olive Garden.  It was a great night.  Love their salad and bread sticks (especially when you get the alfredo sauce to dip them in!).  I got the Five Cheese Ziti as did Kimm and her mom.  Her brother got a chicken/broccoli/noodle dish and her dad had chicken parm.

For dessert her mom ordered a full lemon cake.  It is so good…creamy lemon filling, moist cake.

We all left feeling STUFFED.

It made me very sleepy.

This was my one night off.   Two more nights on.  Last night was kind of exciting…the ED doctor and the hospitalist had to come to the floor to help with a patient who was having problems breathing and they had to intubate him.  I got to push IV Ativan twice because he was so agitated.  It was a good learning experience, but I hope the guy does okay down in the ICU.

Watching some Weeds and then to bed.

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