It Feels Like a Sauna…a NEVER-ENDING Sauna…

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It’s hot.  Really hot.

We have made it through most of the day.  But it’s still steaming.

We finally were able to open the windows because the temp went down slightly.  But it’s like still hot air.  It’s HORRIBLE.

I’m hoping things are better tomorrow.

We haven’t put the air conditioner in the bedroom yet because this spell will probably pass quickly and we don’t want to not be able to open the window in the bedroom once we put the AC in.  So we hold off until absolutely necessary.  But I’m going to miss it tonight.

Plans for tonight…ice cream and Nurse Jacky.  We finally finished watching Gilmore Girls again (love that show!) and have started something new.  We like it.

Okay.  Time to take the hot laptop off my lap.

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