Bottom of the Bag

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I just finished up the end of a bag of pita chips for a snack.  Anyone else love the little pieces that get smashed at the bottom of the bag?  Yummy 🙂

Tonight is my last night “off.”

Darn, why do days off go by so fast???

Today I went grocery shopping and spent about $95.  So that means for the month so far we are at $195–over $100 UNDER budget.  We still may need to get some milk or bread, but this is the last trip of the month!  Wow.  I’m amazed we did it.  We just did a lot of cupboard meals (whatever you find in the cupboard!).  I’m much better at this than Kimm, obviously 🙂  She usually says, “We have nothing left to eat” but we have lots.

Good deals this week.  Kimm’s Honey Nut Cheerios–Buy Two Get One Free plus I had a coupon for $1 off, then avocados were $1 each!

Anyways, I hope I sleep better tonight.  Last night I was exhausted but it took FOREVER for me to fall asleep and I woke up feeling not rested at all.  So tonight should be better.

I’m trying to determine if I should work extra this week.  The extra money would be nice in the paycheck.  But then I would have to be at work instead of home.  Hmm….

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First Day Blues

Friday, May 22, 2010

Working the overnight shift sure reeks havoc with your days off.  Every time it is my first “day off”–meaning I worked the day before, 7 p to 7 a, and then have the next night off–I’m ALWAYS tired.  Today I was extra tired because I got up early so that a co-worker could pick up an office desk and chair that we were giving her.  Combine that with eating a filling dinner…I was SO sleepy.

I tried to take a nap.  But of course I couldn’t nap because I knew that I wanted to get up shortly and do something.  It was so frustrating.

We did eventually get to do something fun together.  We took a trip to Barnes and Noble because Kimm found a coupon online for a BOGOF Frappacino.  Bonus!  Those things are expensive.  I ended up buying one book…nerd alert…it was a book for work (Rapid ACLS–Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support–I have to go in the fall to get certified and there’s a lot of info so I thought I’d get a heads up on it now).

Now I’m tired again.  And my first “day off” is over 😦

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive.

On a happier note…my friend Frank bought a salon!!!!  WOW–he’s a small business owner…doesn’t that sound so grown-up?  Sometimes I forget that I’m nearing 40 years old.  Gulp.

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