That’s a lot of bees

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The other day when Kimm was talking to her mom she found out that there was a honeybee’s nest in their basement.  Turns out that a beekeeper had to come to remove the nest which happened yesterday.  He vacuumed up (in a safe way) over 4 pounds of bees–which he estimated to be over 6000 bees.  WOW!  He got stung 5 times but said it didn’t bother him.  He also said that the nest was built pretty much in a few days.  Can you believe it?!  Those little buggers go to town when they are making a new home.

I am SO GLAD that was not at our house.  I don’t know if I could sleep in our house without a lot of fear, knowing that there was such a huge amount of bees inside the ceiling.


Now her parents have to call a carpenter to repair the ceiling that the beekeeper cut out to get the bees.

A very expensive couple of days for them.

Well, I made it through my first night back.  I’m tired and hitting the sack.

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